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Free Hearing Test

Our specialists are prepared to collect extensive case history in order to perform an otoscopic examination. As well as guide you through a complete and accurate hearing test to find out if you suffer from hearing loss. Afterwards, we create a unique plan for each and every patient to correct their hearing issues. Please note that medical referral may be needed if any notable red flags come up during the test. 

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Free Consultation

Once the test is complete, our specialist will discuss all your options with you in an in-depth hearing consultation. Likewise, we always take into consideration your lifestyle, surrounding environment, budget, and any other requirements you may have to find solutions that best suit your hearing needs. 

Home Visit

If there’s something preventing you from coming in to one of our clinics for a consultation, it’s not a problem! For your convenience, our hearing specialist will come and provide an in-home consultation. Give us a call to set up your appointment. 

Hamilton Clinic : 289-755-0295

Oakville Clinic: 289-644-5701

Etobicoke Clinic: 647-848-8898

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Warranty Services

Do you already own hearing aids? We’re partners with all hearing aid manufacturers across Canada. As long as your hearing aids are under warranty, we will provide services for them without any charges or fees. So, no matter where you bought them, we provide lifetime consultations, cleaning, programming, and adjustment free of charge.

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Benefit Applications

Are you having difficulties filling out the application? No problem! We’re here to help as an authorized vendor of the Ontario Ministry of Health. Likewise, we have experience dealing with ADP, WSIB, OW, ODSP, DVA, NIHB, and insurance companies.

Cerumen (Wax) Services

In order to prevent future problems with your hearing aids, we provide free wax removal to keep your ear canal clean.

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